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株式会社JTOWER(代表取締役社長:田中敦史、以下「JTOWER」という。)は、ミャンマーのIBS(In-Building Solution:建物内の携帯通信インフラシェアリング)事業会社であるGNI MYANMAR COMPANY LIMITED.(本社:ヤンゴン市、以下「GNIM」)に追加出資いたしました。なお、本追加出資によりGNIMはJTOWERの持分法適用会社となります。
GNIMはGLOBAL NETWORK INC(本社:ブルネイ、以下「GNI」)とTERABIT WAVE COMPANY LIMITED.(本社:ヤンゴン市、以下「TERABIT」)が2015年10月に設立した合弁会社であり、ミャンマー国内でIBS事業を展開しております。
JTOWERは、これまで日本国内において、建物内の携帯通信インフラシェアリング・ソリューション(ミャンマーにおけるIBSと同義)のリーディングカンパニーとして事業展開しており、銀座最大級の複合施設であるGINZA SIXをはじめ、多くの大型ビル・建物で導入・運用している実績があります。
また、海外市場については、2017年にベトナムで同国最大規模のIBS事業者であるSPN(Southern Star Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company)社の共同買収を通して参入を果たしております。この度のGNIMへの追加出資を通じて、日本国内、ベトナムでのIBS事業の知見を活かし、ミャンマー通信インフラの発展に寄与してまいります。
設立     : 2012年6月
本社所在地  : 東京都港区赤坂8-5-41
代表取締役社長: 田中 敦史
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JTOWER, additional capital injection in IBS Company in Myanmar (GNI Myanmar Co., Ltd.)

Tokyo, October 29, 2018 – JTOWER Inc. (Representative Director: Atsushi Tanaka) (“JTOWER”) has announced the completion of another step in its international expansion with the additional capital injection in GNI MYANMAR COMPANY LIMITED. (headquarters: Yangon, Myanmar, hereinafter “GNIM”). GNIM would be equity method affiliate of JTOWER at completion of the capital injection.
GNIM was established as Joint Venture between GLOBAL NETWORK Inc. (headquarters: Brunei Darussalam, hereinafter “GNI”) and TERABIT WAVE COMPANY LIMITED. (headquarters: Yangon, hereinafter “TERABIT”) on October 2015.GNIM is holder of a Network Facilities Service License, NFS (C), by the Post and Telecommunication Department of Myanmar and is providing IBS (In-Building Solution: sharing of indoor mobile telecommunication infrastructures) services, as well as leasing of telecommunication infrastructure and services (active and passive sharing) to all mobile network operators (“MNOs”), in Myanmar.
Myanmar was so called “Last Frontier” and has experienced dramatic increase of mobile subscribers after foreign MNOs, Telenor and Ooredoo, entered Myanmar in 2014. LTE services were launched in 2017 and it is expected that data traffic continues to grow. For that reason, MNOs are required to keep constantly investing in their telecommunication networks to meet the market demand, which is taking place, like in other countries, mostly indoors.
The IBS market is growing especially significantly in Asia for 2 main reasons; one is due to the advantage for MNOs to save on capital expenditure to address coverage inside buildings through infrastructure sharing provider, and the other is that it benefits the building owners to save cost, time and space to secure mobile coverage inside their premises. Since there is huge potential for real estate market in Myanmar, IBS market is expected to grow similarly to other Asian countries.
JTOWER’s partnership with GNIM started in September 2016 and has been in IBS market in Myanmar from that time, establishing the company as the second largest player in terms of assets/building count. With this additional investment, JTOWER is now taking part in GNIM’s operation more deeply and actively together with GNI, which is also participating to this capital injection.
JTOWER is the leading indoor mobile telecommunication infrastructure sharing (equivalent of IBS in Myanmar) company in Japan and has installed and operates its equipment in a number of major properties across the country including GINZA SIX, one of the largest commercial complexes in Ginza, Tokyo.
Earlier in 2017, JTOWER had participated in Vietnam to the joint acquisition of one of the largest IBS company in Vietnam, SOUTHERN STAR TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY (“SPN”).
Through the additional capital injection to GNIM, JTOWER is expected to apply its high-quality service standards and future-proof technology (esp. for 4G/5G) developed at its operations in Japan and Vietnam to contribute to the advancement of the IBS and telecommunication infrastructures in Myanmar.
Eventually, JTOWER is targeting to become one of the global In-Building Infrastructure service providers and expanding domestically and as well as to other countries.
Established : June 2012
Headquarters Address : 8-5-41 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director : Atsushi Tanaka