(株) JTOWERはベトナムIBS事業子会社の持分を追加取得し100%子会社化しました

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株式会社JTOWER(代表取締役社長:田中敦史、以下「JTOWER」という。)は、ベトナムでIBS(In-Building Solution:建物内の携帯通信インフラシェアリング)事業を営む子会社のSOUTHERN STAR TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY(本社:ホーチミン市、以下「SPN」という。)を、同社の持株会社(SPC)株式を追加取得したことにより、100%子会社化しました。

(株) JTOWERはベトナムIBS事業子会社の持分を追加取得し100%子会社化しました

設立 : 2012年6月
本社所在地 : 東京都港区赤坂8-5-41
代表取締役社長 : 田中 敦史
設立 : 2007年7月
本社所在地 : ベトナム、ホーチミン市
代表取締役会長 : 丸井 智弥

JTOWER acquired additional shares in IBS subsidiary in Vietnam and make it 100% subsidiary

Tokyo, August 1, 2019 – JTOWER Inc. (Representative Director: Atsushi Tanaka) (“JTOWER”) has acquired additional shares of IBS (In-Building Solution: sharing solution of indoor mobile telecommunication infrastructure) subsidiary in Vietnam, SOUTHERN STAR TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY (headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City) (“SPN”), through a special purpose company, and make it 100% subsidiary on 31 July, 2019.
With the steadily growing economy, Vietnam has been seeing its mobile phone penetration rise above 100% and demand for mobile telecommunication infrastructure continue to grow. In particular, the IBS market, leasing of indoor telecommunication equipment (shared equipment) to multiple mobile network operators (“MNOs”), has been expanding rapidly with the rise of the mobile network traffic and the needs of MNOs to manage their assets more efficiently, and is expected to maintain its growth as plans for major real estate development continue to increase in Vietnam.
Established in 2007, SPN is one of the largest IBS operator by coverage area in Vietnam, supported by its positive relationships with all three major MNOs, high quality services and expansive network with real estate developers. SPN has installed its equipment and services MNOs at a variety of buildings in Vietnam, including major high-rise office buildings, airport, hotels and commercial complexes.
By making SPN as 100% subsidiary, JTOWER will further strengthen operations in Vietnam, where there will be expected growth opportunity, and will work to further expand the IBS business and improve the telecommunications environment in Vietnam.

-Establishment : June 2012
-Place of HQ : 8-5-41 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan
-Representative Director : Atsushi Tanaka
-URL :

-Establishment : July 2007
-Place of HQ : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
-Legal Representative : Tomoya Marui
-URL :